Tex-Mex Redefined

Our goal is to serve our guests the best Mexican food they’ve ever tasted.

And according to the critics, we’re doing a darned good job.

We’ve adapted the recipes that Vanessa grew up with, and added other new dishes that delight our friends and guests. Vanessa’s experience at culinary school brings new techniques, ingredients, and presentation to traditional Mexican cuisine.

And we think you’ll love the result.

Quality Ingredients

Don’t confuse our value pricing for low quality. We obsess over great ingredients, so we can bring you the best food possible.

We source local products, but we import ingredients when we find better ones.

We don’t have a freezer on site. Our ingredients are fresh… not frozen.

We travel to Kemah twice a week to buy the freshest, largest Gulf shrimp that are available.

All of our beef is USDA Choice or higher. We use Nathan’s hot dogs exclusively.